Sunday, 22 November 2009

Why Brucie Must Go

It's the sheer arrogance of the smarmy old git.
Brucie appears to believe he is the centre-piece of Strictly Come Dancing. He seems to think that the place will fall apart without him. Last week it didn't. Yes, it fell apart, but only because the director insisted on dumping an un-rehearsed (or underqualified) Ronnie Corbett into the space that Brucie usually occupies. In the hands of the delectable Claudia (who only pretends not to be in control) the programme would have run perfectly.
Bruce is now an embarrassment. He overestimates his public appeal. He insists on telling his tedious jokes, irresponsibly holding up the entire BBC1 programme schedule, just because he can, to make a point about how he won't be rushed.
He was once successful and rich, and actually very very funny, and hence managed to snag himself a collection of decorative wives. He's now fooling himself into thinking that he has innate appeal to womankind. He does a couple of nifty steps to keep us interested; instead we fear that he's going to keel over with a coronary.
Ever second that Brucie spends talking could be usefully given over to watching people dance and listening to relatively intelligent critisism.
Take my share of the licence fee and pay him off. Let him not ruin another minute of prime time television.
And while you're at it, please ban Aleysha Dixon from ever speaking in public.
Please join me in a campaign to put him out to pasture and send him off to a golf course. For ever.


  1. I have to comment here to vociferously disagree!! (That word means Vocally and with Iron)

    Brucie comes from a gentler time and is his gag delivery is his schtick!! He really does have the the hearts of the nation too!

    Alisha bridges the gap that the BBC always suffers with the yoot and does the best she can...we all know that this is about her having the same shoes as you anyway...!

    Brucie was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and got caught in the Macca attack crossfire!! ;)

  2. Precisely. He is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Get him off. Couldn't have put it better myself.
    I'm old enough to have watched Brucie every week. Gentler time, my arse. He has a misplaced sense of his own self-importance and if the nation's heart is with him, then it's stopped beating. Alesha is underqualified for the job, despite her obvious good taste in shoes and stunning looks. Here we have two people in the wrong jobs. Save us from their time-wasting witterings.