Friday, 15 March 2013

What I Did on My Holidays: Scent story number eight

The story

You remember the essay that we all had to write in the first English lesson back at school? I hated writing it, mostly because it had spoiled my holidays knowing that I was going to have to do it later. The weight of the responsibility, making mental notes of interesting things so I could write them down back at school. It reminded me of things I wanted to forget all about on my holiday, mainly that I was going to have to go back to a classroom. I hated school. People assumed I liked it because I was good at exams. It’s not the same thing at all.

We had this family holiday in Scotland, one long hot summer. I was 16 and I’d finished the first big round of qualifications. No more English, as I’d booked myself in for maths and sciences in 6th form; that and music. For the first time, I wasn’t going to have to write an essay when I got back.

This is my scent from that holiday. Tiny flatfish flapping around our feet in the warm Irish Sea. The compulsory visits to stately homes, where I would daydream about growing marrying a rich bloke and living in a palace. Things change. Warm breezes, ice cream, the sea, suntan lotion. It’s the second British holiday scent I’ve made, but this one is very different from Sunshine and Pancakes, more of a fougère style: lighter with a handful of herbs. 

The materials

For the suntan lotion, it’s melon, coconut and cucumber – all synthetics as there are no natural materials that smell like this. Plus vanilla for ice creams. For skin, I put in rosewood and a synthetic soft woody scent. There’s a tiny drop of calone, the ozone seaside smell. Then I’ve got a classic cologne accord made with lavender including lavender absolute so it loiters a little, peppermint and bergamot.

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