Thursday, 14 March 2013

Who Knew? Scent Story number four

The story

Still in the same family, Nick’s cousin’s twin wanted a scent for his girlfriend. We had an afternoon sniffing materials and I made up some samples using the ones which Katie was drawn to. We started with two variations and left them three weeks to see what happened.

Just because two things appeal to you, that doesn’t mean they’ll smell good together, so I played about a bit with proportions. OK, a lot. I ended up making another three that I liked, and posted them off to Katie for her to wear for a few weeks and see which appealed.

In the end we both preferred one variation, but I wanted to make a couple of adaptations because I wasn’t quite happy with it. This is the result.

The name Who Knew? is short for Who Knew I Liked Roses? Katie was convinced that she didn’t like the scent of roses, but she liked them when they were part of a blend.

The materials
Katie picked out green tea absolute, vetivert, benzoin, the thing that smells a bit like fresh sea air but needs to be used very carefully or it’ll smell like a lift full of fully suited estate agents, caramel and roses.
I added some sandalwood and cedar, plus vanillin and some other rosy stuff, natural and synthetic.

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